Full-Service Oil Changes

Changing your vehicle’s oil and oil filter per manufacturer recommendations will not only prolong the life of your engine but, will keep you covered under warranty as well. That’s why every full service oil change at Clarks Auto and Tire includes premium oil and filter. But we don’t stop there…

Types of Oil

The make and model of your vehicle will determine the type of motor oil you need. At Clark’s Auto and Tire, we offer five types of oil and filter changes. Here’s more…


0-20 Motor oil, many manufactures are starting to recommend 0-20 motor oil. This is to improve engine performance and fuel mileage. 0-20 only comes as a full synthetic. Expect a price increase over semi synthetic and conventional motor oil.

GM Dexos: GM came out with its own specification for motor oil sometime around 2008. GM requires Dexos on all 2010 and newer models in order to keep your new vehicle warranty compliant. Many of the oils we sell meet or exceed the Dexos requirement. If your vehicle requires Dexos, that’s what we put in it. Unfortunately in some cases there is a price increase to meet the specification.

Our Brands and Why

Now that you’re familiar with the types of oil we carry, let’s learn about our brands.

EcoPower Motor Oil

The motor oil that protects both. EcoPower is recycled and refined from reclaimed motor oil so it’s great for your engine and the environment. EcoPower eco-friendly motor oil is our premier house oil. Clark’s Auto And Tire was the first shop in Utah to carry EcoPower motor oil and is hypercomplimentary to our Green Garage.


Valvoline has been reinventing motor oil since 1866. At Clark’s Auto and Tire, we offer Valvoline as a conventional, semi-synthetic, as well as a full synthetic. Without a doubt, Valvoline’s conventional oil is the best bargain for your dollar. NextGen is Valvoline’s ecofriendly option, which includes a portion of used motor oil.

Read more about Valvoline NextGen by clicking here.

Mobil 1

Based on a long career wrenching on automobile engines, Alan Boyer, owner of Clark’s Auto and Tire prefers Mobil 1 due to Mobil 1’s ability to handle harsh driving conditions & extreme temperature environments.

Learn more about Mobil 1’s full line of motor oils by clicking here

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